Monthly Archives: January 2010

The mind of Emily

Working several 12-hr shifts in a row creates stretches where I don’t really get to see the girls – I leave the house before they get up and I get home after they go to bed.  So, this morning I called Emily to say hi and tell her how much I love her.

Me:  “So what have you got planned today?”

Emily:  “Oh, I’m gonna take some tests and do other crazy stuff.”


Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is the big game with #2 Kansas Jayhawks travelling to Manhattan to take on our beloved #11 KSU Wildcats.  Go Cats…EMAW.


Linda has been using her new bike on the trainer and loving it.  She’s riding up to an hour at a time – and getting caught up on her TV shows.

I finally put my bike on the trainer this morning and rode for 30 minutes before I had to leave for work.  What a great way to get a ride on the bike.  Comfort of your own home, no one watching you, your own TV with your choice of channel, and a shower just moments away.

I pulled the trigger yesterday and purchased the P90X program.  Went to the store and bought my pull-up bar and some more dumbbells.  The program should arrive in the mail in 5 to 7 days.  Best piece of advice I got from a friend doing the same program – get a big bottle of ibuprofen.

Not looking forward to seeing me “before” picture; really looking forward to my “after” picture!

Linda got a new bike

I have been talking to Linda for the past year about getting her a new bike.  Actually, it’s been more like begging…and it’s been more like 3 years.  Ever since I fell in love with biking, I’ve wanted her to join me.

Now, I really prefer to be ride my thick-tired, full-suspension mountain bike on dirt trails over big roots and even bigger rocks.  Linda, however, prefers pavement.  Actually, Linda prefers her 1980 Schwinn 10-speed that she got in 6th grade.

I’ve asked many times to help her find a new bike that is lighter, faster, and more adult-sized.  However, she has threatened me with bodily harm if I ever brought a new bike home – and then she’d take the bike back after I lay bloody on the floor.

In the past year, Linda found the exercise bike at the gym to be a great workout that also allowed her to read at the same time.  She also recently decided to do a portion of the Bike Across Kansas trip this year.  If she was going to do this, a new bike was in order.

Today was the day we found just the right bike – a Trek FX 7.3.  She won’t admit it, but I think she’s VERY happy.  Along with the bike, we also purchased a CycleOps Magneto trainer so we can use our bikes inside during not-so-great weather (I also have a road-hybrid for pavement riding).

Congratulations, Linda, on getting such a cool new bike!

Sunday afternoon at the homestead

After Mass and lunch, Sunday afternoons are perfect for just being a family and hanging around the house.  A peek at a typical Sunday afternoon at the Featherstons.

What wasn’t pictured was the walk we took in the nicest weather we’ve had in over a month…more Girl Scout cookies delivered.  Also not pictured was the dog bath and claw cutting that took place after Sally found every dirty water puddle on the sidewalk.

Time to deliver girl scout cookies


The time has come to deliver the Girl Scout cookies.  Anna and Emily do a great job selling cookies in the neighborhood, but a majority of their boxes sold are to the many nurses in the ER at work.  Since I work 35 miles away, this means the boxes get packaged up and sent with me for delivery.

The girls do a great job putting all the orders in individual sacks that are tagged with the persons name and the amount due.  A nice touch is the personalized thank you card written by one of the girls placed inside the bag.

The real problem…the ER is staffed by nurses that work different shifts and different days.  Therefore, waiting for the times our schedules match, I will drive back and forth to work for the next 2 weeks with Girl Scout cookies in the back of my car (awesome if I ever get stuck in the snow).

Finally, the cartoon is for those of you that see Girl Scout cookies the same way I do – they always arrive after the holidays ten-pound weight gain and New Years resolutions!

They love the snow


I don’t remember when we got this much snow that lasted as long as it did.  It started snowing here in Kansas City on Christmas Eve…and we haven’t seen the ground yet.  It finally got above freezing yesterday and some melting has started to happen, but I think it’s still gonna be with us for a while.

Playing in the snow can be such fun – you don’t even care how cold you are (or if your four legs can’t keep your belly out of it).


Finally back in school

Anna and Emily finally headed back to school today.  Despite just finishing a long Christmas break, school was called off for several days upon their scheduled return due to severe cold and snow.

All I can report is that sanity is once again preserved!

While on break, Linda and the girls went to D.C. to visit Linda’s sister/family.  Included was the National Zoo, National Botanical Gardens, and the National Aquarium.  It was good to have them back home.