Monthly Archives: August 2012

Back in the saddle

Back on June 12, I had a nasty spill on my bike that resulted in a lot of road rash and a fracture to a bone in my pelvis. Exactly 10 weeks later, I returned to the group ride alongside some great friends.

I have had several rides on the indoor trainer over the past month, but they really weren’t that scary because my chance of crashing was pretty low. I did have one solo bike ride one month ago to test out my pelvis – it was sore and I clearly wasn’t ready for a real ride.

One month later, the day came where I was free and the weather was conducive to a bike ride. I looked forward to it all day, but I must admit I was a bit nervous. What if I crashed again?

We met our friends at the normal meeting spot and it felt like a reunion where I was the guest of honor. It was quite a welcome back. Everyone was pleased to see me and i was even happier to see them. I promised Linda that I would ride easy and cautious; any crash would not be because I was pushing it too hard.

As we pushed off, the butterflies began to flutter in the pit of my stomach, but they quickly disappeared. It felt wonderful to be moving down the road on two skinny tires alongside friends that shared the same love of cycling.

Six miles into the ride, we came upon the site of the crash. The butterflies returned, but they quickly fluttered away as I rode away from the site. We laughed and joked about remembering that not, but it was heavy on my mind recalling how surreal that night was. We all had a chuckle when one of them renamed the hill, “The Pelvis Cracker”.

I was concerned that 10 weeks without exercise would leave me breathless and weak throughout the ride. However, throughout the ride I felt strong. By the end of the ride, I felt great. No pain in the pelvis and the ride was fun. What a great evening.