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Dance Recital – Spring 2013

For the 11th year, Anna and Emily have completed their spring dance recital. They have taken from Miss Nina since they were 4 and 3 years old; they are now some of the more accomplished dancers on the stage. We are so proud of their progression over the years.

Sheila Schultz, 1968-2013

After more than 3 years of dealing with cancer, we lost one of our best friends on May 17. Sheila was one of Linda’s closest friends and fellow Girl Scout leader. More than anything, she was truly an angel on earth. Her witness of love, faith, and courage was amazing.

At the funeral today, it was noted that she did not battle cancer; she merely dealt with it – head on. She spent her last days caring for and comforting those that were trying to comfort and care for her. Friends signed up for 6-hour shifts to stay with her around the clock – nurses that met her from the hospital signed up for these shifts. This speaks volumes to the kind of person Sheila was and what wishes meant to the people that came to know her.

The service was beautiful and filled with music written by her brother-in-law, Mark Schultz. Tears flowed, smiles broke, and hugs were aplenty.

Sheila, we will miss you. But we know that you are in heaven awaiting our arrival. We love you.

The following was posted by Linda today on Facebook just prior to the funeral:

From the official obituary:

Sheila K. Schultz, 44, Lenexa, KS, passed away May 17, 2013. Mrs. Schultz was born September 3, 1968, in Seneca, KS. Sheila was a graduate of Sterling College. She was a mother first, a Bible School Teacher, Book Club leader and Girl Scout leader. Her favorite athletic team was whatever team her children were playing on. Additionally, she was a K-State fan and enjoyed watching the Royals. She was preceded in death by her father, Robert Porting, mother, Florence Bernhardt Porting, and step-mother, Wanda Peschel Porting. Sheila leaves a legacy of love for her husband of 23 years, Brad and her loving children, Braden William, and Paige Kathleen (both of the home).

Happy 20th Anniversary

Linda and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary today. We went to lunch at one of our favorite Italian restaurants and enjoyed spending the day together.

We had planned on going to a Kansas City Symphony concert for donors, but instead we attended the visitation service of one of Linda’s best friends, Sheila Schultz. However, afterwards we met up with a group of our friends to celebrate her life.

The cool thing is that there are two other couples that are friends that share our exact anniversary and also celebrated their 20th with us. One of the couples left before we could get a picture, but here is Tim & Amy with us as the night was coming to an end.

Spring Piano Recital 2013

Linda had her spring piano recital several days ago. Of course, Emily and Anna played. It was an absolute joy listening to them play on this recital; they have continued to blossom into wonderful musicians.

Enjoy Emily playing Mazurka in F Major by Chopin:

Next, please enjoy Anna playing Polonaise in G minor by Chopin:

Finally, here is a group picture of all her students:

May Snow

Here it is on May 2nd and I’m looking out the window at big snowflakes coming down. The past few days were in the upper 70s and today is in the low 30s. There is a chance for 3-5 inches of snow before the end of tomorrow. What a surprise.

I must admit it is quite beautiful to see the big white flakes falling in front of the trees with green leaves. The snow collecting on the green grass is an odd sight. The snow is starting out very wet which makes me nervous that it will be heavy and collect on the growing leaves, causing branches to break and come down.

The saddest part (aside from not enjoying 70-80 degree weather) is that the tulips are in bloom and looking gorgeous. Here they are at the beginning of the snowfall:

This picture was picked up off Twitter by KMBZ, one of the local news channels, and posted during their 5-o’clock news (they had my permission).

Here’s hoping the snow doesn’t last long and Spring returns with the smile that it showed yesterday!