MATASA is the company that makes Fonseca and the Casa Magna cigars (Casa Magna was listed as the number 1 cigar by Cigar Aficionado in 2009).  Manuel Quesada is the owner of the company and his daughters (Raquel and Patricia) and nephew (Ostos) are now running most of the operations.  Ostos gave us a wonderful tour.  We then sat down for a lunch prepared for us.  After lunch, we had a tasting seminar that allowed us to sample specific tobacco plant types from specific countries.  We also were able to sample a new cigar only being released to Spain.  We felt very fortunate.


MATASA factory:
MATASA Visit - 01

Arriving at the MATASA factory:
MATASA Visit - 02

Cigar sampling:
MATASA Visit - 03

Dale, Terry, and Manuel Quesada:
MATASA Visit - 04

Kevin, Luke, and Craig:
MATASA Visit - 05

Carl, Rose Ann, Kevin, and Luke:
MATASA Visit - 06

Ostos Quesada, nephew of Manuel:
MATASA Visit - 07

Destemming tobacco leaves:
MATASA Visit - 08

Tag in the tobacco room:
MATASA Visit - 09

Small bundles of tobacco:
MATASA Visit - 10

MATASA Visit - 11

MATASA Visit - 13

MATASA Visit - 12

Draw testing samples for quality assurance:
MATASA Visit - 14

Box factory:
MATASA Visit - 15

Ostos and Raquel Quesada, nephew and daughter of Manuel:
MATASA Visit - 16

Lunch at MATASA:
MATASA Visit - 17

Colin sampling all four samples in cigar tasting:
Dominican Republic Trip - 0213

Raquel, Ostos, Patricia, Colin, and Manuel:
MATASA Visit - 18

The group at MATASA:
MATASA Visit - 19

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