They love the snow


I don’t remember when we got this much snow that lasted as long as it did.  It started snowing here in Kansas City on Christmas Eve…and we haven’t seen the ground yet.  It finally got above freezing yesterday and some melting has started to happen, but I think it’s still gonna be with us for a while.

Playing in the snow can be such fun – you don’t even care how cold you are (or if your four legs can’t keep your belly out of it).


Finally back in school

Anna and Emily finally headed back to school today.  Despite just finishing a long Christmas break, school was called off for several days upon their scheduled return due to severe cold and snow.

All I can report is that sanity is once again preserved!

While on break, Linda and the girls went to D.C. to visit Linda’s sister/family.  Included was the National Zoo, National Botanical Gardens, and the National Aquarium.  It was good to have them back home.

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