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Sally keeps watch

Both of the girls practice piano daily (imagine that!). While they are practicing, one can usually find Sally sitting just to their side watching out the front window. It’s as is she’s keeping watch. Frankly, I wish I could see her from the outside to see just how pretty she is sitting there with ears perked and eyes open wide.


Sally is such a patient dog – even putting up with Emily dressing her up in a tutu.

It’s absolutely adorable watching her,hips sway back and forth as she walks with the tutu on.

We’ve said many times “Sally may not be smart, but she sure is pretty”.

Sally’s Christmas Letter

Every year our Christmas cards, like many others, include a letter updating all our friends and family about the happenings over the past year.  However, our letter is unique because it is written by Sally.  Sarah, our first Bassett Hound, had that duty since she arrived at our house back in 1995.  Since Sally came 2 years ago, she has happily taken over the task of relaying our most recent chapter of our family story.  What’s best is that she’s usually pretty cute about it.

For those that somehow didn’t get a card from us this year, here’s Sally’s letter:

WOOF and Merry Christmas to all this great year of 2011.

Everyone here finds themselves in good health and good spirits.  Anna is now 14 and starting to drive.  Emily is 12-1/2 and has thrived at middle school.  I am 3 and was born to be the baby of the family.

I continue to love when the family travels and I get to go to doggy day care.  Spring break sent everyone on a Caribbean cruise to enjoy the sun and surf.  The girls tell me they loved the teen club on board.  In June, Mom & Dad biked 500 miles across Kansas (from the Colorado to the Missouri border) along with 800 others in 9 days.  The experienced several beautiful days of biking and one day that was absolutely terrible.  Along the way, they were able to meet up with old friends and made new ones.  That led to introduction to a whole new biking group in the area that they ride with regularly.  By the time you read this, they will have collectively logged 8000 miles for the year.  Someday I’ll make them pull me along in a baby trailer – I practice for this by sitting behind them while they ride on their trainers in the basement.  In August, everyone took a long weekend to Colorado to watch a professional biking race.  In addition to viewing the race, Mom and the girls were able to get autographs and photos of many pro cyclists that race in the Tour de France.

Both Anna and Emily are in middle school this year.  I’m responsible for walking them to the bus stop daily.  I want to make sure they know how much I will miss them, so I occasionally will throw myself to the sidewalk and refuse to move until after the bus has left, followed by crying and moaning.  Anna and Emily still are very busy with music, both still play piano and Anna also plays violin and Emily plays flute.  I stay very busy practicing with them.  Additionally, they are still dancing tap and pointe.  I don’t get to do much with those activities, except I can usually convince Mom to take me in the car.  The girls really are my best friends.

After a spring and summer of Dad working way more than wanted, he has moved to a new hospital that is only a mile from our house.  We love his new schedule and he loves the new commute.  Life at Overland Park Regional Medical Center is wonderful.  I love to sit with Dad while he enjoys the occasional cigar in our new sunroom that was put on the house back in March (“The Doctor’s Lounge).

Mom continues to teach piano, is active in her state and local music organizations, and leads Girl Scouts.  She and I like to curl up with a good book any chance we get.  Mom continues to be the master scheduler but still refuses to enter the 21st century – she won’t abandon that paper calendar!

I stay busy being the world’s greatest cuddler.  I firmly believe that if you are going to sit with someone, you should sit squarely on their lap (or chest, or shoulders).  I am the neighborhood greeter and bark hello to everyone and everything I see when I’m out for a walk.  I have trained the family to know that when I sit on the kitchen rug I want a treat.  I am also in charge of quality control for all couches and beds in the house.  I’m a real cutie.

Merry Christmas,


Christmas Spirit

The humans have been very busy today with Christmas piano recitals and holiday gatherings with friends.  Since they aren’t available to do any writing, I decided to put on my new Christmas hat and write the Christmas letter that will be put in the cards to be sent soon.

The humans should be back tomorrow.

– Sally