Monthly Archives: April 2010

Emily wins

Emily ran for Student Council Treasurer this year; she has been campaigning hard for the past 2 weeks.  Additionally, she was helped by her campaign manager, Savannah.  They worked hard on campaign posters – announcing the “Million Dollar Girl”.  After delivering a very convincing speech this morning at an assembly, she was voted in by her peers to serve next year.

She lost last year when she ran for Sargent at Arms and was pretty upset for several weeks.  However, she became involved as a class representative and found that she really enjoyed serving on StuCo.  One of her favorite activities with StuCo was the “Student Store” – which is monitored by the treasurer.  She’s really excited to take on this challenge.  Her 6th grade year is already starting to shape up.

Way to go, Emily!

Seeing Kenny Chesney…once again!!!!

We really enjoy Kenny Chesney – a lot!  In fact, Linda has to be one his greatest fans.  We’ve seen him in concert twice – including once with the girls on the 2nd row.

This week, Kenny has released his concert movie presented in 3D.  It’s only in theatres for 10 days.  This was a must-see for Linda; I really wanted to see it as well.  However, our schedules were not looking favorable for us going together.  Then we noticed there was a midnight showing.  Perfect.  But…we’re old now!  Midnight?!

Throwing caution to the wind and suppressing a daylong worth of work and fatigue, we bought our tickets online and left for a date that we’ve not had in a long time – a late Friday night movie.

The movie was fantastic.  It felt just like we were at our favorite concert again.  Absolutely fun.  Nothing like being able to sing at the top of your lungs in the middle of a movie theatre at one in the morning.

Here’s hoping it gets released to DVD so we can watch it anytime we want.

New toys…new blog site!

Last week saw the arrival of a new computer at our house.  Our PC was getting older and very, very slow.  Linda and I have been wanting a Mac for a long time, so we figured this was the time to jump in and do it.

We purchased a 21.5” iMac and also a MacBook.  Awesome machines.  These are easily the best computers I’ve ever used.  Switching from PC to Mac has been a little tricky, but it’s getting easier.

One of the software packages that came with the computer is iWeb; this is used to simply create web pages that can then be easily uploaded.  I made the decision to abandon the blogspot site I was using and obtain our own domain name.  So, here we are.  I’ll do my best to update this regularly so that friends and family can follow along.

Contact me at if you have any comments.

P90X Update – End of Phase 2

So, Day 60 has come and gone.  I’ve finished 2/3rd’s of the program and I’m really starting to see progress.

I am regularly asked how much weight I’ve lost.  It’s amazing how much that does for one’s self-esteem.  I occasionally crave a big hamburger or a big soda, but most days I’m quite happy with the healthy food choices that I’m now consuming.

The good news: I’ve lost another 9 pounds these past 4 weeks – to a grand total of 29 pounds lost.  Down from 209 to 180.  The second phase emphasizes more muscle gain and less weight loss.  I’m hoping to add a bit more muscle and definition in the 3rd phase.

Thanks to Linda for all of the support…couldn’t do this very well without it.