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The Kansas State Alumni Association has pavers in their grand patio that are inscribed with personal messages. Linda and her father share a paver:

Maag Wildcats
Rodney 1966 & 78
Linda 1993 & 97

We often try to visit it. This time we figured we’d get pictures.


Happy Fathers Day

To my father, father-in-law, and the many other men that I know that are fathers – Happy Fathers Day.

Father                                                                 Father-in-law

I will be spending the day working in the ER – someone has to be there!

Family Gathering

It’d been some time since we were all together (admittedly because of my very full schedule), but we were finally able to spend a day with Linda’s parents at Easter.  A delicious honey-baked ham and a whole array of side dishes filled our bellies well.

Afterwards, we all played dominoes and ate even more.

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa Maag!

We are truly blessed with such wonderful family.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa

So it’s been another week and a half since I’ve been able to update the blog – working 7 night shifts in 9 days made for very little free time.

One of those days off included a trip to the in-laws to celebrate my father-in-law’s 68th birthday.  What’s even better is that the lunch was ready to go when we arrived – I didn’t have to do anything but show up and eat!

We’ve often celebrated Rod’s birthday by attending a Kansas City Royals ballgame, but they were out of town this year.  We’ll have to find another reason to get to a game.

Happy Father’s Day

First – Happy Father’s Day to my father and father-in-law.

Next – Happy Father’s Day to anyone else that may be a father.

Instead of grilling and relaxing on a hammock today, I’m at work in the ER taking care of others.  I’ve had the last 5 days off – so it’s okay.

To make up for not being around today, Linda and the girls took me to dinner last night (Granite City with an excellent meal and a big mug of Benedict Bock) and then Cold Stone ice cream afterwards.

It was a nice time.  However, I would really love to spend the day with my daughters.

PS – Happy Birthday to my little sister, Su.

Where have we been? Puerto Vallarte

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the last post – it’s been a busy three weeks.

Most importantly, the 4 of us and Linda’s parents traveled to Puerto Vallarte, Mexico for spring break.  This was an absolutely fun time – and it was warm.  Upper 70’s every day…much better than the 30s and 40s back in Kansas.

Here are some pictures to show just how fun it was!

Here we are whale watching – we followed a mother and baby humpback whale for at least an hour (all with food and beer provided).

The girls loved playing in the water.  There was also a very nice pool that found some splashing and swimming, as well.

This was the view from our balcony – just beyond the trees is the water.  The room was comfortable and close to the stairs that emptied out onto everything.  Great spot.

We had lots of stuff to do – obviously sitting by the pool or the ocean.  Several open bars with drinks flowing (I loved the margaritas and Coronas; the girls loved the virgin strawberry daiquiris).  The buffets were full and had plenty of choices to choose what to eat.  The fun stuff included a climbing wall and a shooting range.

One of the days was spent on a bus tour of the city and the surrounding mountains.  We had lunch at a really nice open-air restaurant that served awesome seafood next to a cascading river.

We went to a flea market and got to haggle prices…

I also found a cigar shop across the street that made their own cigars there – got a nice box to bring back home.

We finished the tour off with a tour of a Tequila factory – got to sample several different varieties.  Also got a couple bottles to bring home so I can remember my great time in Mexico.

Our last night on vacation was spent at a candle-lit dinner on a secluded beach – 45 minutes away by a cruise boat at sunset.  The dinner was precluded with a show filled with native drums, dancing and singing all in ancient costume (as noted in the pictures below from Vallarta Adventures.)   What a great end to a great vacation.

photo courtesy of http://www.vallarta-adventures.com/tours/rhythms-of-the-night#