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K-State wins the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

Although I couldn’t watch the game because I was working in the ER, I’m pleased to report that Kansas State handily won their first bowl game in 11 years. They dominated Michigan all around. Jake Waters and Tyler Lockett gave glimpses of what is to come next year.

Looking forward to watching more than the highlight reel from ESPN.com. I’ve got it DVR’d and am excited to watch us win the game.

Photo courtesy kstatesports.com


It was a frustrating first 3 quarters of football, but the 4th quarter was magical with the offense finally clicking.

It was the first win in many weeks – and it was the first time to see things go K-State’s way.

It interesting to see Sams throw for almost 100 yards, going 8-for-8; however he only had 16 yards on 13 carries. Waters, despite showing some more running abilities, threw awesome strikes at crucial moments. Lockett had 3 TD receptions, Thompson had one, and Hubert ran in for a score with 21 seconds left in the game.

It felt really good leaving Bill Snyder Family Stadium with a win. It’s been too long…


The Kansas State Alumni Association has pavers in their grand patio that are inscribed with personal messages. Linda and her father share a paver:

Maag Wildcats
Rodney 1966 & 78
Linda 1993 & 97

We often try to visit it. This time we figured we’d get pictures.



It was loud and rambunctious in Bill Snyder Family Stadium. There was only a few minutes left and Kanas State was leading over the #15 Baylor Bears 25-21. It looked like we could do it. But, once again, penalties and a turnover made the difference.

A late touchdown by Baylor made it 35-25, which makes it look like it wasn’t as close as it really was. We gave up 3 touchdown passes over 50 yards – quick strikes that felt like daggers.

The Cats played well and we kept up with a team that was getting 70 points a game. This one kind of hurt, but it just doesn’t seem to be our year.

We get a week off and then we take on West Virginia at home. Looking forward to that game as a possible first Big XII win.

Never give up – we love our Kansas State Wildcats.

Kansas State Woes…

You may have noticed that I’ve neglected the blog once again – not because I forgot about it, but because I didn’t want to write about the fact that the K-State football empire has begun to show signs of crumbling.

After the disappointing loss to North Dakota State, we came back and handily beat UMass. However, then we went down to Austin and was beat by Texas (a team that had all but fallen down). The following week, we marched in to Stillwater to take on an Oklahoma State team that had been beaten the previous week (despite being the front-running favorite of the Big XII). We stayed with them throughout the game, but literally gave it away with 4 turnovers and about 100 yards in penalties. We were actually winning with 6 minutes left in the game.

So – here it is in mid-October and I’ve not been to a KSU football game in almost a month and I’ve not had a victory to celebrate for a while. Therefore, not much I want to write about without getting this off my chest. It hurts to see KSU lose so much because we’ve been there before and I don’t want to ever be there again. It is so much more fun to celebrate wins. It makes it a lot easier to wear purple to work!

This afternoon we will host Baylor – the new frontrunner favorite for winning out the Big XII. They gathered more than 800 yards against West Virginia last week (the team that beat Oklahoma State the week before). The latest line is 17 points for Baylor – something I find interesting. Here’s hoping that it’s not any more embarrassing than that; and here’s really hoping that we can upset the order of things and actually win the game. I can promise that I’ll be rooting as hard as any K-State fan can! Go Cats.

Minutemen fall to Wildcats


The Cats played host to University of Massachusetts Minutemen last night for their last non-conference game (and last home game for a few weeks). UMass was supposed to lose this game; they fought hard at first, and despite a couple of nice drives, they only got 7 points for the whole game.

K-State, after 2 previous weeks of virtually no rushing offense, seemed to use the game as practice for all of their running plays. There was almost no passing in this game. Hubert finally got some big yards running – and even had a 43-yd reception for a touchdown. There was also a pick-6 by Daly (one of is 2 interceptions). Sams got to play a lot more snaps and we got to see even more of his amazing athleticism.

The weather was gorgeous – 80 degrees, instead of the 100+ that we’d had for the past two weeks.

The Cats head off next weekend to start Big XII play at Texas and then the following week at Oklahoma State. Texas is struggling, but OSU isn’t. It would sure be nice to be 4-1 when they return one to play Baylor. Go Cats.


Meeting Mike T from The Salute

I listen to many podcasts – in fact, a majority of them are listed to the right of the blog page. Fort those still not familiar with what a podcast is, imagine a radio talk show that is recorded and saved and then played at any time over the internet. I use an app on my iPhone (Downcast) that automatically downloads any new episodes so I can stay caught up with all of the podcasts.

One that I’ve been listening to for several years is, The Salute. It’s a K-State sports podcast put out by two friends that sit and talk about last weeks game, next weeks game and anything else that might be important about the sports program. What I love about the program is that it’s an hour of two guys sitting and having a conversation just like the one I’d be having with any of my fellow purple-bleeding Wildcat fan friends.

By the way, the name of the podcast, “The Salute”, refers to the excessive celebration call on a touchdown by Adrian Hilburn in the 2010 Pinstripe bowl that cost us the game – a moment that I remember all too well. For those that forgot, here’s a clip…

All of this to tell you that I met up with one of the guys from the podcast, Mike T. We’ve been “friends” on many social media forums for at least a year. After listening to the podcast after our disappointing loss to North Dakota State, I contacted Mike and told him that I owed him a beer for all of the enjoyment that his podcast brings me each week. Being a solid guy, he couldn’t resist the offer of a free beer.

We met yesterday at one of my favorite watering holes. We sat and talked football, K-State sports players past and present, social media, and craft beer. What a fantastic time – getting to talk about all the things that I love. The podcast is sponsored by our favorite hometown brewer, Tallgrass Brewing Company. Therefore, it was only fitting that we celebrated our face-to-face meeting with a Tallgrass brew. Here’s to next time…

KSU wins over Louisiana


So, K-State notched the first win of the season with a win over University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Louisiana was billed as a good team (maybe not as good as North Dakota State) that should give the Cats another run for the money. However, the Wildcats played a much better game and ended up winning 48-27.

Jake Waters passed with the accuracy and efficiency of a star quarterback, but still lacked the ability to establish a run game. Daniel Sams electrified the stadium with his runs. They are developing into a great duo-quarterback team. I wonder how it’ll continue to play out over the season.

There was much better improvement all around – especially compared to the pitiful play of last weeks game. However, there were still some costly mistakes – including a couple interceptions. Most fun was the kickoff return by Thompson for a touchdown to start the second half. He then followed it up with a punt return to the 1 yard line (thanks to a facemask tackle).

This was a fun game and I’m glad all 4 of us were able to be there. It was 2 weeks in a row with game temperatures over 100 degrees. Looking forward to cooler days.

Next week – University of Massachusetts. This one is supposed to be an easy win. Go Cats!

Tough Loss for K-State


Kansas State got beat at their own style of football Friday night. It was a taste of our own medicine, watching North Dakota State University Bison methodically march down the field in the final quarter and taking the final 8 minutes off the clock. They were down by 4 points – and when they had reached our 20-yard line, I turned to Linda and said “They’re gonna win this game”. We were outplayed and, I hate to admit it, outcoached. Bill Snyder even admitted as much.

The thing to remember is that NDSU wasn’t just any cupcake team that often gets scheduled for our home opener. This is a team that beat Minnesota last year and is the Division 1 FCS Champions for the past 2 years. This is a very good football team.

The goal of our team is to get better each day. We had signs of being good, but we obviously showed we have room to improve. Given Snyder’s history, I firmly believe we will come out even better next week against Louisiana.

Go Cats.

Cats at The Sprint Center

Last night we went to The Sprint Center to watch the Kansas State Wildcats basketball to take on #8 Florida Gators. After losing earlier in the season to #4 Michigan and #14 Gonzaga, I think most everyone assumed the Cats would lose this game. However, we won 67-61.

We were pleasantly surprised with a hard-fighting squad, led by hometown hero, junior Will Spradling. The place was loud with lots of cheering and clapping. There was also a lot of booing as the referees somehow had trouble spotting obvious fouls. As you can see by the view from our seat in the rafters, fouls apparent to us should’ve been seen by those standing right there. I did my part and yelled as loud as I could (not really a good thing to do if one is singing for church the next morning).

We had an awesome time. In fact, the four of us were joined by Ed, Elaine, Connor, and Helen. Linda tried to snap a quick picture of us as we were getting ready to enter the arena: