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It’s that time of year again

The Girl Scout cookies have arrived – and most of them are actually delivered.  The past 5 years I’ve had to haul the cookies in the back of my car back and forth to work because only a few people would be there each shift.  Now that I have a usable office at the hospital, I am able to leave all the cookies there.

So proud of the girls for getting out in the neighborhood – selling and delivering cookies to our neighbors.  I know that they’re a welcome sight each January (even if these darn cookies destroy most New Years resolutions).

Girl Scouts & Helping Out

Emily and her girl scout troop, led by Linda, spent the evening cooking and serving dinner to the families at the local Ronald McDonald house.  These houses are used as a “home away from home” for families with children that are inpatients at the Children’s Hospital.  Instead of staying in an expensive and impersonal hotel room, the families can stay in a home environment with home-cooked meals and pleasant hospitality.  The girl scout troop volunteered to provide the meal for last night.  Linda says they all loved it and some were even asking to sign up for every other Friday night!

After helping out at the Ronald McDonald house, they all returned to our house to make cards and letters for the troops overseas.  Our church is sending large boxes to several of our deployed parishioners and we have all been asked to contribute letters and cards to be distributed among their fellow soldiers.  Linda asked the troop if they’d want to participate and they were all eager to do so.

Very proud of our little girls – they’re growing up just right!

Time to deliver girl scout cookies


The time has come to deliver the Girl Scout cookies.  Anna and Emily do a great job selling cookies in the neighborhood, but a majority of their boxes sold are to the many nurses in the ER at work.  Since I work 35 miles away, this means the boxes get packaged up and sent with me for delivery.

The girls do a great job putting all the orders in individual sacks that are tagged with the persons name and the amount due.  A nice touch is the personalized thank you card written by one of the girls placed inside the bag.

The real problem…the ER is staffed by nurses that work different shifts and different days.  Therefore, waiting for the times our schedules match, I will drive back and forth to work for the next 2 weeks with Girl Scout cookies in the back of my car (awesome if I ever get stuck in the snow).

Finally, the cartoon is for those of you that see Girl Scout cookies the same way I do – they always arrive after the holidays ten-pound weight gain and New Years resolutions!