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Orchestra Concert for Anna

As mentioned earlier this past week, Anna was busy recently with Choir and Orchestra concerts.

Here is the orchestra concert, with Anna playing violin.  I was unable to attend this concert due to work, so Linda was videoing with the Sony STL-55.


– When Johnny Comes Marching Home (00:05-02:54)
– Andante Festivo (02:55-06:48)
– The Idylls of Pegasus (06:48-08:57)

Concert Mistress

Last night was the first Strings Concert of the year for the Middle School.  Anna was 1st chair violin, thus the Concert Mistress.  Not only is this a position of honor, but she also was responsible for establishing the correct tuning for the whole ensemble.

I will soon try to post video clips of portions of the concert.

Congratulations, Anna.  All those hours of lessons and practice are paying off!

Shawnee Mission South Strings Concert – Spring 2010

We were back at Shawnee Mission South High School once again this week to watch Anna play violin with the rest of the 4th-12th graders in the South portion of the school district.

As noted on a recent blog post, Anna has really come a long way with her violin in just over 2 years of playing.  She has been taking private lessons and seems to enjoy the challenge that it presents.

I’m very proud of her work with music, dance, and school.  Seems the nut doesn’t fall far from either of the parental trees…

Anna’s First Music Festival

Anna participated in her first music festival with the school district.  Standing alone in front of a judge with nothing between them except the music stand, she played her violin piece so well.  Her accompanist was the woman who’s been with her all along – Linda, of course.

Her violin teacher, Mrs. Jensen, was also in attendance

I sat watching and listening to my oldest daughter play an instrument that she’s only played for just over 2 years…and she sounded awesome.

Obviously, the judge agreed because she gave her a “1” rating – the best one can get.

Great job, Anna!

Anna & Silver Strings

Anna is in her second year as a member of Silver Strings – an honor strings ensemble for the 5th and 6th graders of the Shawnee Mission School District.  The rehearsals are at 7:00am on Friday mornings at a school about 5 miles away.   They meet, practice, and are then bussed back their respective schools in time for the beginning of the school day.  This, obviously, requires a lot of commitment by the kids (and also their parents that drive them to rehearsals).  Fortunately, we’re part of a carpool of 4 girls and Linda has only had to drive for 2 months this whole year.

They had one of their concerts the other night and it was a real joy to listen to really motivated elementary string players play together.  Great job, Anna.