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Emily’s Last High School Band Concert

Emily had her last high school band concert the other night. It’s been amazing listening to her grow in her talent of playing flute over the past 8 years. She was among those few recognized as a State Band participant and also received several awards for her work that she does with the different bands.

Despite being a wonderfully talented flutist, she has been stuck playing in the Freshman Band through all 4 years of school. Her dance team, Pacesetters, is scheduled at the same time as the upper level Symphonic Band (in which she would’ve been placed). She made the decision 4 years ago that she’d rather play in the Freshman Band so that she could keep up with her love of dancing.

In the role of upperclassman in a younger band, she has often assisted with sectionals and playing tests. There are times, it seems, that she sometimes functioned as a student teacher, albeit unofficially. This past year, she also played in the Concert Band (the next level up) – being allowed to do so by just coming and sitting in and practically sight-reading. She’s quite a talented young gal.

Enjoy a short piece, played by the Concert Band – John Phillip Sousa’s “Semper Fidelis”. You’ll see Emily and her section stand up to play at about the 1:35 mark.

Finally, here are some pictures of Emily among the other award winners and also being presented a rose by fellow senior, Jonas. All of the senior women were acknowledged and presented a rose by one of the guys.

IMG 1442

IMG 1444

IMG 1445

Happy 18th Birthday, Emily

Emily turns 18!

Wow, the youngest child is now an adult. She’s been telling us regularly over the past month, “You only have ‘x’ days left that you’re legally responsible for taking care of me.” Frankly, I’m still quite happy to take care of her – but she is clearly not the little girl that she used to be.

Happy birthday, sweetheart. We love you.

Early 18th Birthday Celebration

Emily is about to turn 18 years old. Anna came home from college to celebrate. Linda surprised Emily with a small gathering of her friends at a local restaurant for some decadent desserts. 

Emily was truly surprised and it was fun just sitting around and talking. 

Emily plays KMEA All-State Band

Emily was selected to play for the KMEA All-State 5A and 6A Band. What an honor and a testament to the hard work she has done with the flute. The whole family was there to listen – Linda was there for professional purposes already, Anna drove down from Manhattan, and I drove down from Kansas City. Additionally, Linda’s parents drove down from Topeka. It was great having the whole family there to listen to Emily and the rest of the All-State Band.

Unfortunately, we were unable to record any of the concert, but I have a nice picture that was taken during the final bow.

Emily chooses K-State

After a year of going back and forth about where she was wanting to go to college, Emily announced to me and Linda last night that she has chosen to go to K-State. This makes us so very happy, not only as K-State alumni, but because she’ll be going to school where her older sister is currently going. Having that support will mean so much. Also, she’s going to be around when we head to Manhattan for games.

She started looking at schools 2 years ago and was convinced she was going to go Boston University or Providence University. After visiting Boston, she ruled it out, but loved Providence. So, it was Providence for quite a while (assuming there would be lots of scholarship to help make it affordable).  Then she visited Truman State in Missouri and fell in love. However, it was such a small place and she’s a city gal.

Iowa State came on the radar and she was full tilt for moving to Ames. A visit to the school helped solidify her resolve to go there. However, we explained to her that she really needed to give K-State a real chance to show her what they had to offer. She’s known K-State and Manhattan her whole life, but she needed to really know what she could get from it.

Linda and Emily visited K-State a couple days ago and she fell in love. She got all of the information she needed to about K-State and the programs in which she’s interested.


Emily plays Kabalevsky

Emily played in the winter piano recital a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it due to work obligations, but Linda was able to record it on her iPhone. I realized earlier today that I hadn’t actually watched the video.

So, here’s Emily playing Variations, Op 40 No1 by Kabalevsky.

Anna and Emily & The Wizard of Oz

Anna has spent the last couple months rehearsing “The Wizard of Oz” with the high school theater program. She has had rehearsal almost every weekday after school since before Christmas. Emily played flute in the pit.


I did musicals in both high school and college; Linda also played flute in the pit for musicals. This was quite a “circle of life” kind of moment. In addition, the musical director was a former classmate from our days as music majors at Kansas State University 25 years ago. Truly, a circle of life.

Anna was selected for several chorus/cast parts – she poured herself into each of the positions she was asked to perform. She was on stage several times, but the best was as a Munchkin. She had the absolutely best “munchkin voice”; one couldn’t help but smile when she spoke/sang her lines.


She also portrayed a resident of Oz; additionally, she portrayed a monkey and a “tornado” dancer (blinking strobe lights dancing around during the tornado scene).


Fortunately, we have one picture of Emily playing flute in the orchestra pit.


Finally, each cast member had a brief “biography” in the program. Here’s Anna’s text from the program:

Anna is very excited for her final show at South. Her previous roles at South are a Dance Hall Girl in Jekyll and Hyde, a chimney sweep and Ms Smythe in Mary Poppins, and Ensemble in Hairspray. She also played violin in the pit for Peter Pan and Pippin Outside of South, Anna has been ensemble in Beauty and the Beast and Suessical, Jr. At school, she is in Symphonic Orchestra, Heritage Choir, and the marching band. Outside school, she is in her church youth group and youth band, Girl Scouts, and piano. Anna would like to thank you mom, Linda, for teaching everything she knows about music, always being there for her, and being her biggest fan. Anna would also like to thank her grandparents for making the hour drive to come see her in every little thing she does, her dad and sister, current and previous music teachers, friends, and youth group leaders for their continuous support and Nina Molleson for teaching her not just dance, but the importance of being the best person you can be in life.