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Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad

2010.08.23 Lynn & Jan Featherston

Happy 44th Anniversary to my parents, Lynn & Jan Featherston.

December 1967 found Dad in Advanced Training for the US Army – I believe in New Jersey.  He arranged a brief getaway so he could get home to Tulsa to marry his love.  She followed him back to New Jersey and they were soon off to West Germany.  Fortunately for me, they started their family in just a few short years.  At the request of military commanders, they experienced moves to Maryland, Taiwan, South Carolina, Italy, and Kansas (plus a solo year in South Korea).  Times could be difficult, but they always had each other and us kids (Lynette, Su, and me).  We were fortunate to grow up in such a loving home that modeled Christian love and care.  Here’s to many more years, Mom and Dad.

Happy Fathers Day

To my father, father-in-law, and the many other men that I know that are fathers – Happy Fathers Day.

Father                                                                 Father-in-law

I will be spending the day working in the ER – someone has to be there!

Happy Father’s Day

First – Happy Father’s Day to my father and father-in-law.

Next – Happy Father’s Day to anyone else that may be a father.

Instead of grilling and relaxing on a hammock today, I’m at work in the ER taking care of others.  I’ve had the last 5 days off – so it’s okay.

To make up for not being around today, Linda and the girls took me to dinner last night (Granite City with an excellent meal and a big mug of Benedict Bock) and then Cold Stone ice cream afterwards.

It was a nice time.  However, I would really love to spend the day with my daughters.

PS – Happy Birthday to my little sister, Su.