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Emily dances with Pacesetters in Dance Competition


Emily has been dancing with the Varsity drill team, Pacesetters, this year. She has been dancing during football games and basketball halftime performances. There’s even been some other special performances here and there. This past Saturday found her dancing with the drill team at a regional competition for a bunch of the local high schools and middle schools – 2015 Miss Kansas Dance Competition.

She danced in four different dances, encompassing different kinds of dance.

Enjoy pictures and video from the four performances.






Dance Recital 2014

Anna and Emily danced in their dance recital this evening. They’ve been taking dance lessons from Miss Nina for the past 12 years. It was a real pleasure to see them up there dancing with their friends.

There is rumor that this may be the last year Miss Nina will be teaching (her 65th year teaching). It was great that both sets of grandparents were there to see them dance.


Dance recital 2012

Tonight was the 2012 dance recital for Anna and Emily. This year has been a big one for them as they took their tap, ballet, and pointe ballet to a higher level.





Most importantly, the girls had a change in dance teacher halfway through the year because their original teacher, Miss Nina, required open-heart surgery. Luckily, Miss Nina’s daughter, Miss Vicki, was able to step in and continue the classes.

Miss Nina is doing well and recovering, but has only been able to supervise from a chair. All of the kids and adults in “Miss Nina’s Dancing Darlings” did a fabulous job tonight. Below is Miss Nina with her son and also her daughter, Miss Vicki.


There were also a couple cute dances performed by the little kids – this is how little Anna and Emily were when they started about 10 years ago.



Watch Day at Dance

Every semester, Miss Nina allows the parents one day to come into the dance studio to watch the students at work.  Other class dates are strictly off-limits for parents.  This week was watch day and we were able to watch Anna and Emily at tap, ballet, and tumbling exercises (which are used for strengthening and flexibility).

Anna and Emily have been taking dance from Miss Nina since they were in preschool (about 9 years now).  If you haven’t heard us talk about Miss Nina before, she is awesome and very respected by the girls.  It should be added that she is well over 80 years old.

Enjoy the short 4-minute video.

Christmas Dancing

Each December, the girls dance with their dance class at the annual lighting of the Christmas Tree in Lenexa.  Several years ago the dancing and choirs were moved inside – yup, they used to do it outside on a portable stage in Old Town Lenexa.  I was frozen, so I don’t know how the girls could do it dressed in tights and tutus.

Enjoy the video from this year – one tap and two ballet numbers (including one on pointe).