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Royals Game on Memorial Day

After providing music for the 9:00 Mass for the Memorial Day Mass, the family spent the day at Kauffman Stadium watching the Royals.  It was a fun game to watch with lots of offense; unfortunately just a little too much offense in the 9th inning from the Los Angeles Angels gave the game away – we lost 10-8.

The afternoon started off quite somber – a touching tribute to Paul Splittorf, a former Royal pitcher and broadcaster who died last week.  Then there was a tribute to the individuals effected by the tornados in Joplin, MO and Reading, KS.  Finally, a moving tribute to the service members from Missouri and Kansas that have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.  A 21-gun salute and taps playing, it brought a tear to my eye.

Before the game started, Linda turned and said, “This has been quite a downer so far”.  But the game was off and running before we knew it.  Thanks to a few home runs and some nice plays, we were up 6-1 after the 2nd inning.  However, the Angels worked their way back through the innings and then Soria gave up the save in the 9th inning with 3 runs, partly off a Torri Hunter home run.  Oh well, the game was fun.  The weather was nice.  The company was perfect!

KC Royals vs Tampa Bay Rays

Both Anna and Emily have been lifelong members of the Blue Crew – a club for young fans of the Kansas City Royals.  Their membership packet usually includes free tickets, a hat, and other free stuff from area businesses.  A perk of the club is additional free tickets are often sent to the house towards the end of the season (they’re not exactly selling out the stands these days).  Four free tickets arrived for both girls for a game against Tampa Bay the other night.  Despite being a school night, we decided one last Royals game before the season ended this weekend would be a nice thing to do.

So, bundled up in jackets, we went to the game and enjoyed a win.  Zach Greinke pitched the game and did very well.

Because we had to leave for the game straight from picking the girls up from dance (which they went to straight from school), we chose to treat ourselves to dinner inside the stadium.  I decided I would do dinner Kansas City style:  Strouds chicken dinner (a famous local fried chicken restaurant) with Boulevard Bob’s 47 beer (a seasonal favorite of the local brewery).

We had lots of fun, but needed to leave at the end of the 5th inning so we could get the girls home to bed.

Here’s hoping the Royals can do it next year…always hoping.

Blast from the past – running the bases

Ahhh…running the bases on a hot Sunday afternoon at Kauffman Stadium.  July 6, 2002 found us, once again, at a Royals game celebrating Rod’s birthday. After the game, the kids get to run the bases (more importantly, so does Linda).

Many, many happy memories with running the bases with the girls.  They’ve been doing it since they were born – really.

Occasionally, they get to take in some batting practice with Sluggerrrr at the Little K.

Blast from the past – meeting Mike Sweeny

In a blatant attempt to make you smile, I’ll be posting some “Blast from the past” pictures.

Way back in July 2002, Linda took the girls to stand in 98-degree weather outside a Leawood restaurant to get the autograph of Mike Sweeny – their most beloved player.  As you can see on Anna’s face, this was just right!

This picture is proudly displayed in our cabinet of Royals memorabilia.  How we miss thee, Mike Sweeny.