Monthly Archives: November 2010

Anna Helps

Nice days in November are perfect opportunities to get out and get up the latest layer of leaves.  Linda had started the project earlier in the day. After waking up after my night shift, I started helping out, but had plans to meet up with a friend in from out-of-town.  Surely, I didn’t want to leave Linda to complete the project on her own.  Anna was helping some, so I asked her if she’d like to try the mower for the first time – and she jumped at the opportunity.  She did an awesome job.

Nice to know there’s a third person here that can run the mower now.

Arrival of the Great Pumpkin

At the conclusion of Mass on Thanksgiving Day, Father Storey told the congregation that all of the fall decorations in the church needed to be removed so the church could be readied for Advent decorations.  Emily seized the moment – and brought home a pumpkin three times the size of her head.

Problem is there’s no real good place to keep it.  So, it’s currently taking up a third of the kitchen bar.

It is nice, though.

K-State wins their last game

Despite having their defense shredded in the first quarter to a tune of 20-7, the Cats came back and held off North Texas to win 49-41.

This gives them a 7-win season and a probable bowl game.  Now we wait to see where that will be.  The latest rumors are the Pinstripe Bowl – played in the new Yankee Stadium.

Interesting stats:  Daniel Thomas finished the game with 36 carries for 269 yards (7.5 yard average).  There were back-to-back kickoff returns for touchdowns.  This was the last game to be played in the North Texas Fouts Field; 59 years of history completed tonight.  The first person to score a touchdown on the field 59 years ago walked across the goal-line again tonight with a ball – very cool.

Let’s go, Cats.

Pacesetters clinic

Emily participated in a clinic several weeks ago with the Pacesetters – the local high school drill team.

Emily wants to be a Pacesetter when she gets to high school – A LOT.  What better way to match the joy of dance and loud music!

Enjoy the video of the dance she learned with them.

Military Time

I’ve grown up on military time and am quite comfortable with using it.  In fact, documentation in medical records are done with military time to avoid any confusion about AM and PM.  Needless to say, military time is second nature.

I woke today to my alarm and quickly got up and showered, shaved, and dressed as we had dinner plans.  I noted that the bathroom clock likely needed a new battery because the clock was running very slow.  Then I realized I just changed that battery about a month ago.  It was 1:50pm – that’s right – 13:50.  In my attempt to set my alarm for 3:30pm, I set it for 13:30 – a full two hours before I needed to get up.  Maybe I shouldn’t try setting my alarm after a long night shift in the ER…

Bathroom Remodel Complete

Two weeks ago saw the demolition of our 1970 baby-blue main bathroom.  This is the bathroom used almost exclusively by the girls and also guests.  Despite several paint jobs over the past 7 years, we just couldn’t find anything that went well with the baby-blue ceramic tile.

We found just the right guy back in September and waited until he was available to begin the project.  He finished our job 9 days after starting.  A final paint job by Linda has us fully completed.

Old shower area and toilet:

New shower area and toilet:

Old tub area and medicine cabinet:

New tub area and medicine cabinet:

Old sink area:

New sink area:

Additionally, we’ve added another light with an exhaust fan.  The tile on the floor has really added to the warm and comfortable feel within the room.  The best compliment came from the girls when the said, “It’s like being in a fancy hotel bathroom!”

Piano Recital Time

Today was the Fall piano recital for Linda’s studio.  It’s amazing to see and hear the progress made by the students each semester.

Some of them have been with her for many years and these high schoolers make beautiful music.

Some of the students had their first recital of their young musical career.

Anna and Emily did well – their videos will be posted over the next few days.