Monthly Archives: November 2011

Crutches and a bottle of Motrin

I received a text message while at work the other evening. It was from Linda and it stated, Can you call me? Em has been hurt. I called and found out that Anna had tripped and falln on her and she couldnt or wouldnt move her leg. I instructed her to move her to the couch and give her some Motrin and monitor her for a while. Checked back in an hour later and she was no better. Fortunately, it was a relatively quiet night in the ER, so I had Linda bring her in to be evaluated.

I always enjoy my workmates meeting my family, but this was not how I wanted it. However, Emily was just about the cutest patient that night and all the nurses loved her. X-rays were normal and I was able to bring her home and put her to bed.

Awaking the next morning, she still had quite a bit of pain and was limping badly. I drove to Wal-Greens and purchased a pair of adjustable crutches (fits 47 to 67). She loves the crutches and is flying around on them. Of course, getting to use the elevator at school and getting extra attention aint too bad, either.

Figuring a couple days and some Motrin will be all she needs.