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Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad

2010.08.23 Lynn & Jan Featherston

Happy 44th Anniversary to my parents, Lynn & Jan Featherston.

December 1967 found Dad in Advanced Training for the US Army – I believe in New Jersey.  He arranged a brief getaway so he could get home to Tulsa to marry his love.  She followed him back to New Jersey and they were soon off to West Germany.  Fortunately for me, they started their family in just a few short years.  At the request of military commanders, they experienced moves to Maryland, Taiwan, South Carolina, Italy, and Kansas (plus a solo year in South Korea).  Times could be difficult, but they always had each other and us kids (Lynette, Su, and me).  We were fortunate to grow up in such a loving home that modeled Christian love and care.  Here’s to many more years, Mom and Dad.

Blogrolls and Podrolls

Blogrolls are a listing of blogs that a person might keep on their own blog page to help their readers find other interesting blogs. I’ve wanted to have one on my page, but I’ve never been able to figure it out. Well, I finally figured it out and you can now see a listing of my favorite blogs located in the column to the right. You’ll find emergency medicine blogs, biking blogs, Catholic blogs, cigar blogs, and photography blogs. These are what I read every day to stay up to date with the latest news and issues of my interests. To stay caught up with all of these, I use an app for both my iPhone and my Mac called Reeder. Absolute, can’t-miss blogs include “Connor and Helen Grow Up” (the blog belonging to Linda’s sister) and “StorytellERdoc”. For a good laugh, ZDoggMD is a medical satire site with lots of funny videos.

I’ve also decided to give you a listing of my favorite podcasts. These load automatically each day for me to listen to when I’m able. I used to new able to listen a lot when I was commuting back and forth from Leavenworth, but my new 3-minute commute has severely cut into my podcast-listening time. Anyways, these are the shows I listen to. The app I use to load and listen is Downcast. Absolute favorite podcasts are “Catholic in a Smalltown” and “DogWatch Cigar Radio”.

Here’s hoping you can find something in here that might interest you. Enjoy.

Eighth Grade Field Trip

For the first time in 9 years of our daughters attending school, I accompanied a class on a field trip. Anna told asked me over the weekend if I’d like to help chaperone her Social Studies class as the ventured out to the National World War I Museum at the Liberty Memorial. The museum was opened in 2006 and I’ve always wanted to go – but have never been. Fortunately, it was my one day off and I was available to go. Two birds, one stone!

I met the group at the museum and was unprepared for just how unruly and disrespectful 8th grade boys could be. Certainly I wasn’t like that when I was 13? The old cliché “herding cats” came to mind a lot during the day. Frankly, it WAS just like herding cats. As soon as I’d help get a small group back under control, there’d be another small group getting out of line. The disappointing part is that there was a lot to learn and take in while at the museum and I’m afraid most of the kids didn’t get much out of it. Three-fourths of the kids were just fine, but that other one-fourth made it a difficult learning environment. I thought to myself, I’m glad the kids were not wearing t-shirts announcing that they were products of our particular school district and from our particular part of town.

After the museum visit, we loaded up onto buses and travelled over to the Crown Center to have lunch in the food court. Anna and I ate lunch with a good friend of hers. That actually was a fun time and was capped off with ice cream. Then the ultimate cat herding event began. We needed to collect each of the 150 or so kids and take attendance. This was being done while each kid had just eaten and was hopped up on sugar from the candy store or ice cream shop. WOW. However, I experienced some very entertaining interactions with young teens at this time. One kid wanted my class ring – in fact, called himself a magpie and really just wanted to have my ring. Another kid walked up to me and proclaimed that she’d had too much food and her belly was full. She was glad she hadn’t tried to eat at the Japanese restaurant because we didn’t have time, but sushi was her absolute favorite food. I’m not sure she ever took a breath through the 90 seconds that she spoke to me. I’d never met the little girl before – I was a complete stranger. It was like something out of a sitcom.

After wrangling all of the kids together, we walked over to the Union Station to experience the “American I Am” exhibit which celebrates the history of African-Americans in the United States from the early 1600s to today. Very cool exhibit. Much to our pleasure, there were security guards there that were more than happy to play the part of the mean guy and make sure the kids behaved.

2:00 finally came and I was released to walk back to my car to enjoy the rest of my day off. It was a wonderful day with Anna and her friends. Hopefully, she won’t need me for another nine years.

Christmas Recital – Anna

Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 8.00.44 AM

Yesterday, I posted that Linda has her piano students play Christmas music at a local retirement facility at Christmas time.  The students get to play Christmas songs on the piano and the residents get to hear the kids play.

Anna played several pieces: Christmas Time is Here; Do You Hear What I Hear; and I’ll Be Home For Christmas.

Unfortunately, the camera began to overheat and shut itself off to cool during the last piece.  Linda had said this happened to her before, but I’ve never seen it happen.  The crazy thing is that this is a brand new DSLR that has amazing 1080p HD video and shouldn’t be overheating 8 minutes into recording video.  But – alas, it did and we’re stuck with a performance recording cut short.

Christmas Recital – Emily

Each year at Christmas time, Linda has her piano students play Christmas music at a local retirement facility.  This gives the kids an outlet for playing Christmas songs on the piano and gives the residents at the facility an opportunity to hear the kids play.

Emily played several pieces: The First Noel, Hallelujah Chorus, and Silent Night.

P.S. Anna will play for you tomorrow.

Christmas Spirit

The humans have been very busy today with Christmas piano recitals and holiday gatherings with friends.  Since they aren’t available to do any writing, I decided to put on my new Christmas hat and write the Christmas letter that will be put in the cards to be sent soon.

The humans should be back tomorrow.

– Sally

Family Pictures

Several weeks ago, on a very cold Sunday afternoon, we met with a photographer to get our yearly family pictures done.  Melissa Asbury, the photographer, is a good friend and nurse in the ER at my last hospital.

We met at Antioch Park and did our best to not look frozen in the pictures.

Enjoy a couple of my favorites from the photo shoot:


Update from the homestead

A look over the blog reveals very poor publishing on my part over the month of November.  Frankly, I was busy most of the month.  When I wasn’t busy, I didn’t feel much like writing.  Plus, the longer I was away from the blog, the harder it was to come back to it.  What do I say?  How do I explain why I was gone so long?

Well, I’ve decided that I need to return – if only to make myself do it.

The last post prior to my long blog-vacation was about Emily hurting her leg and needing to visit me in the ER.  She did, indeed, only need a couple days of crutches and Motrin.  She used the crutches until Friday afternoon and I pointed out that she was going to need to at least start putting weight on that leg while using the crutches.  Being Emily, she made the decision to toss the crutches and just do it!  In fact, within an hour of being off the crutches, she was bounding up and down the stairs as if nothing were wrong.

Anyways, she’s better.

There’ve been some piano recitals and a Christmas dance recital.  I will work to get those configured for viewing on the blog.

Thanksgiving was nice – but it was just the four of us because I had to work the evening shift of the holiday and weekend following  Linda made a wonderful ham dinner and we ate very well.  She even bought a pie for me…

Once again, here’s to better attention to keeping the blog updated.  Thanks for reading.

Happy Birthday, Linda

Linda had her birthday today.

We were able to surprise her with a gathering of cycling friends at our house after she was done teaching.  Thanks to Nan, Chris, Dave, Mary Beth, and Stephanie for braving the cold to join us at the house for snacks and drinks.

Linda received her cold weather riding pants and some new (faster) tires – so she’ll be able to join all our biking friends for more cold-weather rides.

Happy Birthday, Linda.  We all love you very much.