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Update on “Pelvis Presley”

Today I had my follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. After an x-ray confirmed that the fracture was still there, although improving, it was determined that I’m doing just fine. My recovery is progressing well, maybe better than expected.

I still have some limp, but I just about don’t need the cane anymore. I have very little discomfort in my pelvis when I walk; however the road rash is still a bit troublesome. Today was the first day that the deepest abrasions were no longer oozing. I’ve got thick scabs on most of the wounds and they’re itching.

I’m allowed to sit on my bike on the trainer for small amounts of time next week. However, it’ll be about five more weeks before I can really ride.

Biking is done for a while

Two nights ago, I learned what it’s like to be a patient in my own ER. After a long shift in the ER earlier that day, I met Linda and our group of riding friends for our regular Tuesday night ride. It was a beautiful night and I was just glad to be out on the bike.

Six miles into the ride, I had just finished going down a good hill at 33mph and was passing everyone going up the next hill. I stood up to give a bit more power and the chain came off. In a split-second, I was down on my right side and sliding along then paved road.

My head hurt, my back hurt, and my skinned/bleeding right shoulder/arm was stinging. All of my fellow riders gathered around me and talking about calling an ambulance – I protested heavily. I tried sitting up, but the incredible wave of dizziness prevented me from doing that. I crab-walked out of the street into the grass and lay there for a short time. Eventually, I was able to sit up and struggle to my feet. I wanted to ride on, but my bike was not in condition to be ridden. That answered that (made me upset but everyone else was glad I couldn’t even try to ride).

A very, very kind good Samaritan, Cathy, offered to load my bike into the back of her minivan and drive me back to the parking lot where my car was. This was wonderful, as it turns out she is a mutual friend of other biking friends. However, in my conversation with her, I realized I had a concussion as I was having trouble coming up with things I knew I should know (like the name of the school my girls attend).

Linda and a couple of other friends rode their bikes back to the car and arrived within minutes of me arriving. In the few minutes I was there waiting for them to arrive, I decided I was injured more than just the scrapes and bruises – I needed x-rays. I called my ER and told my partner what had happened and that I would be coming in.

After walking in to the ER, it was quite a relief to finally lay down. However, this caused my head to spin even more and nausea set in. Fortunately, an IV was started and I received medicine for the nausea and the pain. We decided to start with x-rays of my lumbar spine and pelvis and, because of the hit to my head, a CAT scan of my head. The CAT scan was normal, as was the x-ray of my spine; however, the pelvis x-ray revealed a fracture. After discussion with my partner, we agreed to get a CAT scan of my abdomen and pelvis to better understand the extent of the injuries. The result was a comminuted fracture of the inferior pubic ramus on the right side. Here is a diagram of a pelvis with fractures of bilateral superior and inferior pubic rami:


Here is a snapshot of my CAT scan with the fracture of my right inferior pubic ramus (seen on your left, as you are viewing the pelvis from below):


The wounds were all cleaned, which honestly hurt more than anything else. Eventually, after much protesting from me about possible admission to the hospital, I was sent home with plans to use the crutches I already owned. A quick stop by the pharmacy for some medicine and I was finally home at 11:30. Here is a picture of my arrival home:


Here is a picture of my abrasions the next morning:


And finally – here’s my shoulder after 24 hours:


It will likely be 4-6 weeks before I’m healed, but I hope to be back to work in the day or two. As long as I’m using the crutches, I’m not in much pain. Soon, I can probably have a cane – I can look like Dr. House.

I’ve had many texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages – for which I’m very grateful. Thanks to all of my friends, but most of all thanks to Linda for her wonderful care if mr over the past 36 hours. I love you, Linda!

Bill – the electrician apprentice

It seems the house has figured out that I have learned a thing or two about wiring – the kitchen ceiling fan gave up the ghost. I believe it was likely the motor because the light still worked. Because I recently learned the light kit is wired separately, I investigated to see if there was something wrong with the fan wiring. The wiring was fine – likely the motor was burned up. No matter how many time we flipped switches, pulled chains, assisted the fan blades by manually pushing them, or simply cursing the fan, it never worked.

Another trip to The Home Depot and a new fan was purchased and installed within an hour.

Doesn’t look bad…


Let the light be moved

A couple days ago, I wrote about the addition of a light kit to our ceiling fan in our living room, thus adding light to a room that we have avoided for 9 years because it was too dark. There was one other project hanging over our heads.

Five years ago, we remodeled our kitchen. We had a contractor break through the walls into the formal dining room and create one large kitchen. The room was demolished, including all of the drywall, flooring, and ceiling. We designed every inch of the room and made the kitchen that we wanted for all time.

When it was completed, we discovered that the light over the dining table was installed about 10 inches off center. Of course, this happened because the lightbox was installed before the ceiling was installed and there was no furniture in the room. It was a good attempt – but a horrible final product. Linda almost had the contractor move it at the time (which would have meant a lot more labor and a patched ceiling. Ultimately, we decided to leave it alone.

Leaving it alone just wasn’t good enough, however. Linda notes that she sees this off-set light every time she enters the room. To hear her tell about it, you’d think she’s embarrassed about the room because of this one thing. When asked, most people don’t even notice it until it’s pointed out to them.

However, Linda finally came up with a solution: Place a hook and swag it over. I didn’t think I’d like it, but it works quite well.