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Wildcats are #1 in BCS


Despite being ranked number 2 in the Associated Press and Coaches polls, Kansas State is ranked number 1 in the BCS.

Now – we just need to play well at Baylor this coming Saturday. We get a week to rest and then host Texas at home for Senior Night. Looks to be a good close to the season.

Go Cats! EMAW!

Veterans Day

Many of you may see the picture above and assume it is me – in fact, I even think it looks like me. However, this is my grandfather, Jack Lyndon Featherston Sr at 17 years of age. This photo was taken December 7, 1941; note that he is listening to the large radio behind him – he’s listening to the broadcast of the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was a flight navigator in both the European and Pacific theatres. He also served during the Korean War.

Unfortunately, my grandfather died in 1998 and my girls didn’t get the chance to get to him. He had lots of stories – but the ones I loved best were the ones about his adventures during World War II. I can still hear him telling them now.

My father is also a veteran; more than 20 years active duty in the US Army. He was a fabulous NCO and was a role model to many men – including me.

My years in the military had a profound effect on me – they shaped who I am today. I’m proud of my military service, but I’m even more proud that I come from a family of men that have served the United States of America.

My sister, Lynette, and her husband, Lee, were also members of the US Army.

Thank you to all the veterans for your sacrifice and duty.

Pacesetters Dance Clinic

Emily attended the Pacesetters Dance Clinic today with several friends. This is the dance team for the local high school and Emily is really hoping to be part of it when she starts attending there.

Enjoy a little clip of what they worked on for about 2 hours before they showed all the parents what they learned.


Last night, the K-State Wildcats survived a tough, physical game. They won 44-20, but the score doesn’t explain the nail-biting fashion in which the contest was played out.

Oklahoma State played well on both sides of the ball, but 5 turnovers would prove to be costly as the Wildcats were able to capitalize on those and also keep the Cowboys from scoring.

Unfortunately, there were several injuries suffered on both teams – most importantly, Collin Klein came out in the middle of the 3rd quarter. Those of us at the game had no idea what happened or why he was out. However, those watching the TV broadcast were told it was due to a hyperextension of his wrist. If that’s all it was, he should be back next week. Although…we’ll never know until then as Coach Snyder makes no comments on injuries.

K-State travels to TCU next week. Here’s hoping we extend our BCS ranking of #2.