Monthly Archives: February 2013

Anna gets braces

Anna had a consult orthodontist appointment a couple mornings ago – the morning of then big snow. It was determined that she did need braces. Since she was one of the only people to show up for the appointment, they offered to go ahead and put them on that day. So, we have braces.

And of course, she chose purple and pink as her colors.


The Kansas City area was hit with a pretty impressive snow storm yesterday. Our neighborhood received 13.5 inches of snow. Traveling was crippled as multiple cars were stranded throughout the side streets and highways. Fortunately, we didn’t have to get out that much – only for an orthodontist appointment early in the morning (more on that later).

It took 4 separate sessions of shoveling the snow to keep the driveway clear. The first was the worst as there was already about 6 or 7 inches on the ground. After completing about 3/4 of the driveway, the neighbor showed up with his snowblower. Then, we completed 4 other driveways in the neighborhood – all with the help of the neighbors. At one point we had 7 people out shoveling and snowblowing.

Finally, a snowplow came through late in the evening and cleared the street – covering the end of the driveway with a 2-foot wall of snow. Out one more time to clear the wall.

My hands are aching today from gripping the snow shovel for so long yesterday.

K-State is #1…for now

Kansas State won over West Virginia tonight 71-61, beating former head coach Bob Huggins. After being in a 3-way tie for 1st place in the Big 12, we have pulled away with this win to be solely in first…at least for now.

We will enjoy it while we can.

Picture courtesy K-State Sports

KCMTA MultiPiano Concert 2013


Sunday near Valentines day finds us once again in Lawrence at the Kansas University Lied Center for the Kansas City Music Teachers Association MultiPiano concert. Imagine a stage filed with 16 grand pianos and two players at each piano. Over 500 participants (over 2 concerts) make for a wonderful experience.

Linda and the girls have participated for quite a few years. I did it for a couple years, but the girls have surpassed my comfortable playing ability.

Great job to all three of the ladies.

New fence


The fence along the rear of our property has been sagging and loose for several years. Earlier this Fall, a good gust of wind pushed over a section. Since the, portions of the fence were held together with rope. It was time to replace it.

This week was the week to tear down the old and put up the new.

Additionally, we had the chain link fence that was up from replaced and a gate put on each side of the house.