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It was a frustrating first 3 quarters of football, but the 4th quarter was magical with the offense finally clicking.

It was the first win in many weeks – and it was the first time to see things go K-State’s way.

It interesting to see Sams throw for almost 100 yards, going 8-for-8; however he only had 16 yards on 13 carries. Waters, despite showing some more running abilities, threw awesome strikes at crucial moments. Lockett had 3 TD receptions, Thompson had one, and Hubert ran in for a score with 21 seconds left in the game.

It felt really good leaving Bill Snyder Family Stadium with a win. It’s been too long…


Anna performed this weekend in 4 showings of the musical “Jekyll & Hyde”. She was a member of the chorus ensemble and was also a dancer.

It was interesting seeing Anna in this role as she portrayed a dance hall girl (i.e., lady of the night). She danced and sang very well (albeit seductively) supporting the main cast.

Not having seen this musical before, I enjoyed the performance because I sat there entertained the whole time. Only a couple occasions reminded me that it was a high school offering. In fact, a couple times, I thought to myself “I wonder how much better that kid is going to be in a couple years”.

Anna had been attending after-school rehearsals for about 6 weeks and it’ll be nice to have her home for a change.

Congratulations, Anna.

Anna sings in 2013 KCMTA Fall Festival

Not only did Anna participate in the 2013 Kansas City Music Teachers Association Fall Festival as a pianist, she also sang two pieces as a vocalist. She has been taking voice lessons for the past year from one of the local voice teachers, who also happens to attend our church and is one of the fellow church musicians.

Anna sang Monteverdi: Lasciatemi morire & Anon: Have You Seen But A White Lily Grow?


Our old living room furniture that we purchased more than 10 years ago upon buying our house has left the building.

New furniture is to be delivered in the next couple days.

Here’s hoping the Consignment Store can do better than Craig’s List.

Homecoming for Anna & Emily

Anna and Emily celebrated homecoming last weekend with a night out with their friends, including dates with nice young men.

Anna went with Brock.


Emily went with Matthew.


The report is that all had a good time. Emily had her group over to the house after the dance for movies and snacks. Anna went to another house for her after-party. Importantly, she was home before midnight.

I’d love to tell you more about everything that went on, but you know how much teenage girls will tell their dad about the date…

It’s amazing how homecoming has become such a big deal these days. Linda and I were discussing how homecoming was a dance in the gym after the football game – and you went in jeans and sweatshirts, not suits and semi-formal dresses. I can’t imagine how much we’ll have to spend when Prom comes around!


The Kansas State Alumni Association has pavers in their grand patio that are inscribed with personal messages. Linda and her father share a paver:

Maag Wildcats
Rodney 1966 & 78
Linda 1993 & 97

We often try to visit it. This time we figured we’d get pictures.



It was loud and rambunctious in Bill Snyder Family Stadium. There was only a few minutes left and Kanas State was leading over the #15 Baylor Bears 25-21. It looked like we could do it. But, once again, penalties and a turnover made the difference.

A late touchdown by Baylor made it 35-25, which makes it look like it wasn’t as close as it really was. We gave up 3 touchdown passes over 50 yards – quick strikes that felt like daggers.

The Cats played well and we kept up with a team that was getting 70 points a game. This one kind of hurt, but it just doesn’t seem to be our year.

We get a week off and then we take on West Virginia at home. Looking forward to that game as a possible first Big XII win.

Never give up – we love our Kansas State Wildcats.

Kansas State Woes…

You may have noticed that I’ve neglected the blog once again – not because I forgot about it, but because I didn’t want to write about the fact that the K-State football empire has begun to show signs of crumbling.

After the disappointing loss to North Dakota State, we came back and handily beat UMass. However, then we went down to Austin and was beat by Texas (a team that had all but fallen down). The following week, we marched in to Stillwater to take on an Oklahoma State team that had been beaten the previous week (despite being the front-running favorite of the Big XII). We stayed with them throughout the game, but literally gave it away with 4 turnovers and about 100 yards in penalties. We were actually winning with 6 minutes left in the game.

So – here it is in mid-October and I’ve not been to a KSU football game in almost a month and I’ve not had a victory to celebrate for a while. Therefore, not much I want to write about without getting this off my chest. It hurts to see KSU lose so much because we’ve been there before and I don’t want to ever be there again. It is so much more fun to celebrate wins. It makes it a lot easier to wear purple to work!

This afternoon we will host Baylor – the new frontrunner favorite for winning out the Big XII. They gathered more than 800 yards against West Virginia last week (the team that beat Oklahoma State the week before). The latest line is 17 points for Baylor – something I find interesting. Here’s hoping that it’s not any more embarrassing than that; and here’s really hoping that we can upset the order of things and actually win the game. I can promise that I’ll be rooting as hard as any K-State fan can! Go Cats.