Monthly Archives: March 2014

Anna’s braces come off

Just one year ago (February 23, 2013) Anna got braces on a day that a blizzard hit town. They called and said the office was empty and they could put the braces on if we could get her there. Yesterday, on a day of 75°, she got the braces off. She’d been keeping it a secret; she figured it was a surprise that she got them, so she wanted it to be a surprise that they were being removed.

She came home with congratulations balloon tied to a caramel apple. It reminded me of when my braces came off (25 years ago) and all the foods that I ate because I finally could.

Such a beautiful smile, Anna!

Happy Birthday, Emily


Emily had a group of friends over and celebrated her birthday. Being the First Friday in Lent, we didn’t grill burgers or get a bunch of supreme pizzas. Instead, she chose pesto pasta with an array of different cheeses. The girls all loved the food. They toasted the birthday girl with sparkling grape juice and laughed the night away.

It’s amazing how loud 16 freshman girls can get when they’re all talking at once…