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January Sunshine

Happy Kansas Day!

While most of the Northeast was getting socked by a major snowstorm, we were enjoying unseasonable temperatures over the past few days. In fact, yesterday found us in the low 70’s and Linda and I were out riding our bikes outside. I wore biking shorts without any leg warmers and was quite comfortable.

The pond fountain is running well; additionally, all 9 fish have been seen and swimming. Before it started warming up, the ice had been approximately 6″ thick. We were able to remove the leaf net from over the pond last week (it helps keep all of the falling leaves out of the pond). The net had been firmly embedded within the overlaying ice, but we were able to pull out the final piece of ice last week and let it finish thawing on the lawn.

The temperatures are back down in the 30’s today and the winds have been gusting 15-20mph. Ah, Kansas.

Emily dances with Pacesetters in Dance Competition


Emily has been dancing with the Varsity drill team, Pacesetters, this year. She has been dancing during football games and basketball halftime performances. There’s even been some other special performances here and there. This past Saturday found her dancing with the drill team at a regional competition for a bunch of the local high schools and middle schools – 2015 Miss Kansas Dance Competition.

She danced in four different dances, encompassing different kinds of dance.

Enjoy pictures and video from the four performances.






What to Write About – Part 2

I was reminded by my TimeHop app today that I’d posted to the website 3 years ago today about having trouble keeping the blog going. I really wasn’t sure what to write – the title of the post was “What to Write About“.

I was explaining to my father last week about feeling guilty for not keeping the blog up to date. He asked me, “What is the purpose of the blog? Why are you writing it?”.

It gave me good pause; I decided the purpose of the blog was to document the things going on in our lives. However, I spend most of my energy documenting my life on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In fact, I assume most anyone reading this likely sees my posts on any of the above social networks. But, that brings me back to why this blog is here. I want THIS to be a documentary of our lives lived.

If you look at my last post here (way back on December 14), you’ll see and hear the girls playing a Christmas recital with the rest of Linda’s piano students. However, a lot has happened over these past 5 weeks. Let me explain…

The following week found me extremely busy with the Kansas City Symphony Chorus performing on the Christmas concerts. I had rehearsal every night of that week and then had 6 performances between Thursday evening and Sunday evening. I was exhausted.


Of course, Christmas came right after that and I worked almost every day from the 22nd until the end of the year; all of the shifts were 4pm-2am. I couldn’t really enjoy the visit from Linda’s sister and family until the last day they were here. Ed, my brother-in-law, and I tried to do a quick tour of the Boulevard Brewing Company, but the tours were all booked and we had to settle for doing tastings in the Tasting Room.

IMG_6823New Year’s Eve was upon us pretty quickly and I did have the day off. We were invited to a neighbor’s house for a party; it was fun, but, because I had to work the next morning, were home and in bed pretty quick after midnight.

IMG_6853In short time, we gathered our friends in our basement for the K-State bowl game at the Cotton Bowl against UCLA. The Wildcats started the game pretty poorly, but they made it an interesting game and almost came back for a potential win. We lost 40-35. The great part was spending the evening with some of our closest friends – all of them K-State fans. EMAW!

IMG_0348This brings us up to January and we’ve continued to be very busy. However, I’m going to tell you more about that in the upcoming posts. Here’s hoping for some consistency on my part.