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Rompin’ Stompin’ Raider 5K Run (2015)

On a recent (very cold) morning, Linda and I helped raise money for our high school marching band (the Rompin’ Stompin’ Raider Marching Band) by participating in their 4th annual 5K run. The marching band is near and dear to our heart, considering both of our daughters are connected with the band. When given the choice to sell popcorn, candy, wrapping paper, or run a 5K – it’s a pretty obvious choice which one we’d rather do.

This was the first time that I had registered for a 5K run. The 5K is a great race for runners – usually completed around  30 minutes. However,  my first race was the half-marathon that I did in May 2014 and the only other race was a 4-mile run on July 4, 2015. When I do my regular runs, I will always run at least 5K (or 3.1 miles).

I usually run my regular runs around 10:00/mile , which is a comfortable pace. But, I had made the decision to try to run the 5K race at a faster pace. I tried to keep up with a couple of people that were in front of me for the first mile, but they were obviously running a bit faster than the pace that I could keep beyond the first mile. I settled in to a pace around 180 steps per minute – which is supposed to be the sweet spot.

Additionally, I decided to do this run without listening to music or podcasts (I normally run with something occupying my brain). I wanted to enjoy the run and stay tuned the fellow runners.

Despite being cold (around 40 degrees), it turned out to be  a great run for me. I ran at 9:13/mile, which is the fastest i’ve run in a long time. Out of about 250 participants, I was the 59th finisher overall and the 5th finisher in my age group (men 45-49).


To help keep me humble, the overall winner finished the 5K in about 17 minutes. Most astonishing, a 9-year-old boy ran it faster than me (somewhere around 21 minutes, if I remember correctly)!

Linda walked the coarse with a really good friend, Robin. I was able to catch a photo of them crossing the finish line:


Finally, this picture proves that we’re fun,  selfie-taking, photo-bombing crazy people:



Can we all just get along?

There was a meeting at work today that I’m sure most of us in any kind of workplace could benefit from attending. Granted, meetings are often boring and sometimes seemingly pointless.  However, this meeting was crucial to address increasing animosity between the physicians and nurses in our emergency department.

The emergency department can be a very stressful environment (like that’s a surprise) and things get said in the heat of frustration. Without either side really knowing it, nurses and physicians were feeling disrespected and the problem seemed to have reached a boiling point.

The setup of the meeting was well done – with assigned seating alternating nurse and physician (there’d be no ganging up) and ground rules were provided. There was a facilitator from a completely different department.  The opportunity was offered for the participants to address perceived concerns and acknowledge feelings. Some spoke a lot; some never spoke up at all. However, the encouraging part is that many individuals acknowledged the issues and were given the opportunity to explain the issue from their own perspective.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to respect and proper communication. I fully admit that my “frustration fuse” gets very short during very stressful and busy times; it doesn’t take much for my normally-friendly-disposition to become a bit sharp and unexpectedly bitter. I know that I’m responsible for a few of the instances that were discussed.  It was pointed out by one of my partners that each of us needs to look within ourselves to assess when and where we might be offensive to others and what can be done to prevent it in the future.

No matter what job each of us has, I think we could all benefit from assessing our relationship with others. Co-workers, family members, church colleagues, neighbors – they all deserve respect and care.  Let us all remember the Golden Rule:

“Do to others whatever you would have them do to you. This is the law and the prophets.” (Matthew 7:12)

I’m looking forward to returning to my next shift later today and put this teaching of Christ in to practice.

Can’t Help Loving That Man of Mine

Anna sang for her high school “Evening of Cabaret” the other evening. She was the opening act for a fund-raising concert of solos, duets, and group songs.

She sang the classic song from  Showboat, “Can’t Help Loving That Man of Mine”. The lighting was a bit off due to the very bright spotlight. Nonetheless, enjoy…