Monthly Archives: June 2016

Neglected blog? Maybe, but we’ve been busy…

OK, so it’s been since March 12th since I posted my last entry – and it was a bummer because I had sustained an injury while running and it put me out of commission for quite a while. I was hoping it’d only be a few weeks, but it was a lot more.

I missed my first marathon (for which I had been currently training) – and I missed the half-marathon that I had vowed I would do just 4 weeks after the marathon. The injury lingered and it took a while to get back in to shape.

But – you probably don’t want to know all about that. You’re probably more interested in the things that has happened with our family over the past two and a half months. Well, here’s a quick run down (and hopefully some future posts):
– family vacation to the Dominican Republic
– sang with the KC Symphony production of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses
– Anna nominated for Heritage Court (i.e., kind of like prom court)
– Emily’s performances with Pacesetters
– Emily’s flute recital
– Anna and Emily’s piano recital
– Prom for both Anna and Emily
– Anna’s vocal performance at Raider Revue
– Anna’s high school graduation
– Bill is selected as President of Kansas City Symphony Chorus
– Linda rides her bike in the Cottonwood 200
– Linda and girls take a trip to Galveston
– Bill and Linda see Keith Urban in concert

Like I said, we’ve been busy. There’s a lot to talk about and I hope to get all of you caught up. Here’s to keeping up promises…