Monthly Archives: January 2017

Emily chooses K-State

After a year of going back and forth about where she was wanting to go to college, Emily announced to me and Linda last night that she has chosen to go to K-State. This makes us so very happy, not only as K-State alumni, but because she’ll be going to school where her older sister is currently going. Having that support will mean so much. Also, she’s going to be around when we head to Manhattan for games.

She started looking at schools 2 years ago and was convinced she was going to go Boston University or Providence University. After visiting Boston, she ruled it out, but loved Providence. So, it was Providence for quite a while (assuming there would be lots of scholarship to help make it affordable).  Then she visited Truman State in Missouri and fell in love. However, it was such a small place and she’s a city gal.

Iowa State came on the radar and she was full tilt for moving to Ames. A visit to the school helped solidify her resolve to go there. However, we explained to her that she really needed to give K-State a real chance to show her what they had to offer. She’s known K-State and Manhattan her whole life, but she needed to really know what she could get from it.

Linda and Emily visited K-State a couple days ago and she fell in love. She got all of the information she needed to about K-State and the programs in which she’s interested.