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A fun night at “K-State at the K”

Linda picked me up from work and we headed straight to Kauffman Stadium for “K-State at the K” night. Everyone with special tickets received a special ball cap with a KSU PowerCat on the side and Royals written in purple across the front. By arriving at 5:15 (for a 7:10 game), we assumed we’d be pretty close to the front of the line for the special entrance (where the ball caps would be given out). We were surprised that there was already a pretty long line. However, it moved at a decent pace once the gates opened at 5:30.

IMG 1570

Upon entering, we were given our ball caps and we searched out dinner as it was also “Buck Night” – hotdogs for only $1. These aren’t gourmet hotdogs, but they’re tasty and filling (and cheap for food in a MLB stadium). The opportunity to have honey mustard with the addition of sauerkraut, onions, and jalapeño peppers made the hotdogs that much better.

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A cold beer goes well with hot dogs – and the beer I love to get when at Kauffman Stadium is a local Boulevard Tropical Pale Ale – refreshing, hoppy, and fruity!

IMG 1574

The National Anthem was performed by a trumpet ensemble from Kansas State University and Willie mixed it up with Sluggerr.

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The game was a good one. Very little offense, but amazing defense. The Royals turned at least 4 double plays in the first 6 innings (I didn’t keep track after that). The Royals finally started adding some offense late in the game, including a home run by Moustakas in the 8th inning. The final score was 4-0, but most cool was that Vargas pitched the entire game. One doesn’t get to witness that much in these days of modern baseball and carefully watched pitch counts.

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The day was “National Doughnut Day” and neither Linda nor I got a chance to get any doughnuts, so we did the next best (and maybe better) thing – we got funnel cakes. So amazingly delicious.

IMG 1581

The night was finished off with fireworks – a fun Friday Night activity after each of the Royals home games. Fireworks are a whole lot more fun when you’ve just one the game.

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