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Celebrating a birthday with a K-State win

This past Saturday was my birthday – and it was the day of the KSU-KU Sunflower Showdown in Lawrence.  I wrote about the results of the game a few days ago and mentioned that we watched the game with friends on the DVR.  I noted that we had wonderful chinese takeout, but I didn’t mention that we also had Butterfinger Ice Cream Cake. Additionally, we toasted with some birthday cake-flavored vodka – which was quite delicious and potentially dangerous.

The game was absolutely fun to watch, especially since we knew the outcome before sitting down in front of the TV.  However, I think the best part of the evening was just hanging out with some very good friends.  Linda and I are very lucky to have them.

Pictured in purple glory are Linda, Jennifer, Trey, Kaela, and the birthday boy:

Happy 14th Birthday, Anna

Anna turned 14 a couple days ago.  The obligatory birthday party with screaming teenage girls was held this past Friday night.

Instead of a birthday cake, Anna made cupcakes and frosted them herself – they were a really big hit.  The best part is it took about 8 attempts to blow out the candles.

When all of Anna’s friends asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she asked for “anything pink or purple, anything Justin Bieber, or gift cards”.  She got plenty of all the above.

My favorite picture of all the gifts being opened has to be when she realized she got a Justin Bieber doll.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNA.  You are really growing up into a wonderful young woman!

Another Sunflower Beatdown

So, K-State went in to Lawrence for the second year in a row and handily beat KU with a score of 59-21.  Once again, the Cats won with tough, fundamental football and some special teams plays that were worthy of highlights on ESPN (including another Tyler Lockett kickoff return for a touchdown).  Defense played well and really only gave up 2 touchdowns throughout the game as the final KU touchdown came with 1 second left in the game against the 2nd string.  In fact, the 2nd string offense came in during the 4th quarter and also scored on the Hawks.

I had to work during the game, but was able to keep an eye on the score during the day.  I DVR’d the game and was able to watch it with friends after work with some take-out from Bo Lings.

PS – Happy 14th Birthday to Anna.  You have become quite the young woman.  We are so proud of you. (More on Anna’s birthday to come in a future post).

Birthday greetings

Upon waking this morning to get ready for work, I found a sign hanging from the kitchen entryway. It said:

—Hey Daddy. Hope you have an awesome birthday. Im sorry Im not here to say it right now, but Happy Birthday. Have a great day!! Love, Emily. P.S. Go Cats.—

41 years and counting…

Yes, Im wishing for a K-State win at KU today in the Sunflower Showdown.

Watch Day at Dance

Every semester, Miss Nina allows the parents one day to come into the dance studio to watch the students at work.  Other class dates are strictly off-limits for parents.  This week was watch day and we were able to watch Anna and Emily at tap, ballet, and tumbling exercises (which are used for strengthening and flexibility).

Anna and Emily have been taking dance from Miss Nina since they were in preschool (about 9 years now).  If you haven’t heard us talk about Miss Nina before, she is awesome and very respected by the girls.  It should be added that she is well over 80 years old.

Enjoy the short 4-minute video.

Orchestra Concert for Anna

As mentioned earlier this past week, Anna was busy recently with Choir and Orchestra concerts.

Here is the orchestra concert, with Anna playing violin.  I was unable to attend this concert due to work, so Linda was videoing with the Sony STL-55.


– When Johnny Comes Marching Home (00:05-02:54)
– Andante Festivo (02:55-06:48)
– The Idylls of Pegasus (06:48-08:57)

K-State Wildcats and the Polls

The Wildcats won this past Saturday against the Texas Tech Red Raiders and, once again, it was a slugfest with the toughest team winning out in the end.  This week, K-State’s special teams really contributed in this game with 2 blocked field goals (both by Guidry) and a 100-yd kickoff return for a touchdown (Lockett).

The Cats rose in the polls to #12 and will be traveling to Lawrence this weekend for the Sunflower Showdown against the Jayhawks.  KU has not won a conference game this year and it seems unlikely that they will at all.  Therefore, we have a really great chance to return undefeated to Manhattan the following week against #3 Oklahoma Sooners.  It has been announced that the game will be at 2:30 and televised nationally on ESPN.  What a turnaround for a team that barely won its first game against Eastern Kentucky!

Here’s hoping for a big victory on Saturday – a birthday gift, indeed.

Bathroom Remodel Completed

After living in our house for eight years and having redone every other room in the house, it was time to remodel the master bathroom.  It was the last room with wallpaper and it was time to finally do something with it.  However, WE did not want to do any of it.  So, we hired the company that did our main bathroom last year.  Mike and his crew set about demolishing the old bathroom and in 9 working days had it fully done.

No more frosted plastic shower doors and white porcelain tile.  Now we have contemporary glass doors and a shower made with quality tile and glass accent tile.  The wooden countertop with a veneer finish is replaced with a marble counter with integrated sink.  The wallpaper is replaced with a subtle gray paint.

We love it.

Following are pictures of the old bathroom that are paired with pictures of the new bathroom.