Bumper Sticker Hatred

I’m not sure what it is about people in our community that find it acceptable to take bumper stickers off someone else’s car. In fact, Linda and both of the girls have had several bumper stickers removed over the past 6 months. 

Granted, the bumper stickers were political. Both of the girls lost stickers that said “#HillYes” back during the presidential elections. These stickers were removed from their respective parking lots at school. Linda has lost a few stickers, the most recent being a sticker that said “Facts Matter”. 

To the person that felt compelled to vandalize our vehicle:

Really? A sticker that says “Facts Matter” is so inflammatory that you feel righteous enough to remove the sticker from property that does not belong to you? The car is always parked in a garage when it is at home, so the only you could sit and peel this sticker off is out in public in a public parking lot – with other people walking around and watching you. How brazen and bold you are to steal something off of someone else’s vehicle. Next time, keep your thoughts to yourself – and more importantly, keep your fingers off of our car. 

I was a bit ashamed when Hillary Clinton used the term last year, but your actions have shown that you, my friend, have proven yourself to be “deplorable”. Frankly, your actions continue to feed a stereotype of the redneck bubba that won’t allow anyone else to express their own opinion. Now that I think about it, you’re probably the one that drove by flipping us the middle finger while we stood in a protest line, supporting the rights of all Americans. Yep, your true colors are showing…

By the way, bumper stickers aren’t too expensive; we’ve learned to buy several at a time. Rip it off, we’ll just put another one on.

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